No More Piercing Guns!

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misscircuits asked: (i'm sorry but i can't use submit with my 3ds, so i'll just put this in an ask. sorry!)When I was 9 I got my first piercings done at Claire's, with a gun. They were fine for a while, but they got infected. They have bad cleaning solution. I couldn't turn or clean 'em, making them crusty. One day my neck felt sticky. Blood. That continued for 2 months. No-one could remove them. I got them out... but the front came out backwards. I finally got them re-done, no guns. They're good now :D guns suck!

Good for you! :D

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channelvouge asked: I want to get my ears re-pierced, the first time I got it done it got irrated and sore and that was done with a gun. I want to get it done with a needle now but there is no piercing place that does it with a needle any where near me

You can use the search engine at to find APP registered piercers near you. You can also try using the yellow pages and sites like Yelp to find piercing/tattoo studios.

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please-enter-username-here asked: Erm, when you got your helix done, it sounds like they have shattered your cartilage, nothing other then love should be done with a gun... That's the reason it probably swelled and started to bleed

What the hell are you even talking about? If you’re speaking to me personally, you have the wrong blog.

Also… “nothing other then love should be done with a gun”?? WTF??

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I have six ear piercings - four lobe, and two helix. Every single one done with a gun. None of them healed well or within the approximate time to do so. My helixes took well over a year each to heal even remotely. Problems with the second one got so bad at one point that I woke up with the left side of my face covered in blood - my ear had been so swollen that I hadn’t noticed there was a blister or something forming and it had burst. It was terrifying.

There’s a good end to the story though! I decided to treat myself to a late birthday present by getting my lip pierced - NO guns this time. I had had plenty of time to learn the difference. My piercer was incredibly professional (he even kicked me out of the parlor to get a sandwich before going through with the piercing, haha!), and spent far more time explaining the process and how to care for it afterwards. The room was spotless, his tools were sterile, and he changed his gloves between each step. The piercing itself was quick and interesting! I’m so, so happy to say that I have never had a problem with it healing. I would swear it was fully healed within two months - a far cry from my gunned ears. My new rule of thumb is that if I see a gun in the shop to turn around and head right back out that door - and it’s what I tell everyone who’s considering getting a piercing done. I can’t wait to go back in and get more work done (I’m considering having one of the guys there take a look at my ears in case there’s something I can do to fix them up). Thank you so much for this blog!

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Claire’s Vs. professional

I posted on here a while back that I had my ears done by Claire’s (2nd and third holes), however surprise surprise, they had huge healing problems, forever painfully swelling, going down, swelling/nearly consuming the earring..and so on. I (thought I had..but we will get on to this later..) managed to salvage one side, so went ahead last November/December to a professional (with a needle), to get my other ear holes re-done.

These holes healed beautifully, and I was able to put my tiny silver hoops in them when they had healed with no problems. At the time i left small studs in my Claire’s holes, because I couldn’t be bothered with the fiddly-ness of doing my other we all know how long it takes to get small sleeper hoop earrings in.

I rarely change my earrings over, but earlier this week i decided i wanted hoops in both sides of my ears, meaning I had to put my small hoops in my Claire’s pierced holes which have always had studs in them. (always sterling silver as i’m allergic to most other metals) I always knew the problems that entailed after being pierced with a gun, so i steralised the earrings before putting them in as an extra precaution too.

I have had these hoops in for TWO days, and my right ear is painfully swollen and producing small amounts of puss. This is nearly a year after having these pierced ! I am now back to doing salt water baths on my ears three times a day.

I cannot stress enough NEVER GET PIERCED BY A GUN!!!!!!

So much regret for going to Claire’s. 

Sabrina x

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destielheaven asked: When I was younger I got my first four lobes pierced with a gun, and they always took forever to heal up, and after I got my cartilage done with a gun it got badly infected and swelled up so much it covered the stud that was in there. A few years later I got it pierced again with a needle and it was so much better than the gunned one and ever since then I've gotten my piercings done with needles.

*thumbs up* =)

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hebrewhernia asked: Hi, so I've always problems with my ears. I got my ears pierced by a gun very young. And every metal messes up my ears. The gun caused an allergy to metal, I guess. I gave up on earrings years ago, but I finally found the wooden post earrings that I can wear. BUT my question is would you think that I could get other parts of my ear pierced as long as it's with a needle, like in your experience or other people's experience? Thank you so much.

Yea, definitely. I myself learned the hard way how bad piercing guns are, but the rest of my piercings were done with a needle. You shouldn’t have any issues, I think.

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First piercing

So, I’m really not sure if this had to do with being pierced with a gun or not, but it still sucked. I got my ears pierced in first grade, and at the time I went to a private school that allowed a very limited amount of earrings, so I rarely changed mine. Eventually, my ear lobe grew over the butterfly back of my earrings. I’m not sure if it was an infection like the bumps people get. I had to go to the doctor to get the back cut out

MOD COMMENT: It’s highly likely it happened because the piercings were done with a gun. Wearing earrings with butterfly backs isn’t a problem typically with completely healed ears; however, when ears are in the process of healing, they should be avoided entirely.

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kaleidokorea asked: I just found this blog, a day after I got my ears done at Claire's. I'm really worried now and I was wondering if you could offer any advice? It sucks bc it wasn't until after I got it done, that my mom reminded me about the first time my ears were pierced, and how it got jammed halfway through and I got a blood blister. I was lucky with them, but since I got three piercings to even out my initial piercings idk if I'll be as 'lucky' as I was beforehand.

As I’ve told others, just have them checked out by a professional piercer. Getting piercings done with a gun by an inexperienced person is a total crap shoot: it may turn out fine or it may not. A pro piercer will be better able to determine the state and condition of your piercings.

What I can recommend you do until you do confer with a pro is to not use the solution (if any) given to you by gun piercer, and instead switch to a sea salt solution.

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acherontia-styx asked: My mom had my ears pierced when I was a baby with a gun and now as I've gotten older, my ears have fully healed to the point where they won't close up, but they are pretty crooked with the hole slanted away from my face. Plus my ears are super sensitive now, even before I stretched them and shrunk them back down to a standard size. Is it possible I can have something done to straighten out my ear piercings?

Yes, it is very likely.

Since professional piercers use single use surgical steel piercing needles, they can simply pierce your ears in a slightly wider gauge to correct the slant caused by the studs of piercing guns. A standard cosmetic earring post measures at about a 20G. That means that your ears can be re-pierced with anything larger that (18G, 16G, 14G, etc) to correct the issue.

However, I am not a professional piercer, so it would be best to speak to one and have them examine your ears. They will be more equipped to tell you how simple or bad your particular situation is.